Zodiac Signs' Trusting Natures Make Them Vulnerable

Cancers wear their hearts on their sleeves. This emotional openness leaves them susceptible to betrayal.

Cancers Are Emotionally Open  

Sagittarians' boundless optimism and faith in humanity makes them prone to putting trust in the wrong people.

Sagittarians Are Optimistic

Pisces' fantasies and idealism about romance causes them to trust partners blindly, ignoring red flags.

Pisces Idealize Partners

Virgos' desire to see the good in everyone leads them to give untrustworthy people too many chances.

Virgos Give People the Benefit 

Libras' dislike of judgment means they trust people indiscriminately without discernment.

Libras Avoid Judging Others

Leos' susceptibility to flattery and praise makes them easy marks for manipulative and insincere people.

Leos Believe Flattery

Aries' impulsiveness and spontaneity means they trust new people too quickly before vetting them thoroughly.

Aries Trust Impulsively

Zodiac Signs Make Dating Complex and Challenging