Zodiac Signs That Prefer Live-In Relationships Over Marriage

Aquarius values freedom and space in relationships. They resist tradition and authority. Marriage feels confining to them.


Geminis get bored easily and may chafe at marriage's constraints. They need constant stimulation and embrace non-conformity.


Sagittarians prize their independence and freedom. They shy away from restrictive commitments like marriage.


Capricorns are very career-driven and may view marriage as an obstacle. They'll commit to a partner without legal ties.


Libras dislike conflict and finality. A live-in situation allows them to avoid definitive commitment while with a partner.


Leos want to avoid feeling "owned" or "trapped" in marriage. They'll happily commit to a long-term partner without marrying.


For these signs, live-in relationships feel freer and more flexible. They shun marriage's traditions and legal constraints.

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