Zodiac Signs Most Likely to Still Be Single in 2024

Career-focused Capricorns may choose to remain professionally driven singles in 2024 rather than compromise their ambitions for a relationship


Independent Aquarians value their freedom and buck social norms. Many will happily retain their single status in 2024.


Adventurous Sagittarians crave excitement and new experiences. Settling down isn't a priority for these free spirits in 2024.


Picky Geminis bore easily in relationships. Unless they find their intellectual equal, many will stay footloose and fancy-free.


Critical Virgos have impossibly high standards for a partner. Rather than settle, they may embrace solo life in 2024.


Impatient Aries desire instant gratification in love. Since few suitors measure up, they frequently fly solo.


Proud Leos need ceaseless adoration in relationships. In 2024, they'd rather be single than with someone who doesn't worship them.


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