Zodiac Signs' Most Annoying Personal Habits

 Aries' in-your-face attitude and temper flare ups aggravate everyone. Learn to tone it down.

Aries - Aggression

Rigid Taurus refuses to bend. Try being more flexible and willing to find compromises.

Taurus - Stubbornness

Gemini's chatterbox ways spread rumors. Curb your gossip habit - it helps no one.

Gemini - Gossip 

Cancer's extreme mood swings strain relationships. Work on balancing your emotions.

Cancer - Moodiness

Leo lives for drama and attention. Keep the theatrics and exaggeration to a minimum.

Leo - Drama

Judgmental Virgo's negativity and criticism feels toxic. Focus your energy on uplifting others.

Virgo - Criticism 

Libra's constant wavering over choices frustrates everyone. Learn when to make a firm decision.

Libra - Indecision 

Zodiac Signs Most Guilty of Overanalyzing Everything