Zodiac Signs Are Already Having a Rough October 2023

Jealous Scorpios are stirring up relationship drama this October, unable to let go of petty grudges and suspicious fears.


Unlucky Sagittarians have faced travel delays, electronics breaking, and petty arguments so far this frustrated October.


Overwhelmed Capricorns are burning out from mounting work stress and obligations weighing on them this October.


Sensitive Cancers have shed many tears this October, hurt by perceived slights from friends and lacking emotional support. 


Impatient Aries have already lost their temper multiple times by the middle of this aggravating October.


Spotlight-loving Leos have endured slights to their ego this October, feeling unrecognized despite their hard work.


Contrarian Aquarians keep clashing with others this October, rebelling against even well-intentioned advice. 


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