Why Each Zodiac Feels Trapped

Taurus resists change, preferring the familiar. This leads to remaining in unhappy circumstances.

Taurus Seeks Comfort  

Cancer's fear of rejection results in clinging to poor relationships to avoid being alone.

Cancer Fears Rejection

Virgo gets paralyzed in unhealthy situations overanalyzing instead of acting decisively to change.

Virgo Overanalyzes 

Capricorn's aversion to risk-taking makes it hard for them to make bold moves to better their lives.

Capricorn Avoids Risks

Pisces uses fantasies and addictions to cope rather than facing problems head on.

Pisces Escapes Reality 

Scorpio's obsessiveness keeps them emotionally trapped, unable to let go of destructive thoughts.

Scorpio Obsesses  

Geminis' dual nature leads to second-guessing choices, preventing forward movement.

Gemini Doubts Decisions

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