Your Starseed Type Based on Your Zodiac Sign

As a bold pioneer like Pleiadians, Aries is headstrong, energetic and seeks new frontiers.

Aries - Pleiadian

Down to earth Taureans are community oriented Sirians who value security and tradition.

Taurus - Sirian 

Inventive Geminis are inspired creators similar to advanced Arcturian starseeds.

Gemini - Arcturian

Nurturing Cancers embody the empathy and protectiveness of healing Orion starseeds.

Cancer - Orion 

Proud Leos channel the strength and leadership skills of Lyran lion people.

Leo - Lyran

Discerning Virgo reflects the wise, strategic Andromedan mindset.

Virgo - Andromedan 

Gracious Libras share Feline starseeds' preference for harmony and balance.  

Libra - Feline

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