Why Is My Dog So Clingy

Separation anxiety, boredom, fear, lack of training, reinforcement of clingy behavior, or changes in home can cause clinginess

Reasons for Clinginess

Following constantly, whining when left alone, getting underfoot, pacing, and destructive behaviors when alone indicate clinginess.


Establish regular feeding, walking, training, play and relaxation times. This helps clingy dogs learn when you'll come and go. 

Set a Routine

Use treats, praise, and positive reinforcement to crate train your dog to accept alone time in short increments.

Crate Train 

Provide interactive toys when alone like puzzle feeders, stuffed Kongs, chews. Rotate frequently to prevent boredom. 

Stimulate Their Mind

Gradually build up alone time - start with brief separations from you and work up to longer increments slowly.

Practice Separations 

Reward calm, independent behaviors. Don't overly comfort clingy, attention-seeking behaviors. Redirect to a toy or mat instead.

Reinforce Independence

Resource Guarding in Dogs