Why Does My Cat Stink

Bad teeth or gingivitis in cats can cause terrible mouth odors. Annual vet dental cleanings help.

Dental Disease 

Bacterial or fungal skin infections can cause foul skin odors in cats. Seek treatment from your vet.

Skin Infections

Impacted anal glands can cause a bad fishy smell. Have your vet check them and express them if needed.

Anal Glands

Cats spraying urine on walls and objects creates strong ammonia odors. Address the root cause.

Urine Marking

Bacterial or yeast ear infections in cats can cause a nasty smell. Get prompt treatment from your vet.

Ear Infections

Kidney failure can make cats smell like urine due to waste buildup. Manage with diet and fluids.

Kidney Disease

Uncontrolled diabetes leads to a fruity smell from ketones on a cat's breath. Insulin helps.


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