Why Do Dogs Roll Around in Smelly, Gross Stuff

Rolling in smelly stuff masks a dog's natural scent. This camouflage helps hunting dogs sneak up on prey undetected.

Camouflage for Hunting

Rolling spreads scents and pheromones on a dog's coat, allowing them to gather intel about other animals in the area.

Information Gathering  

By spreading another animal's scent, dogs signal they were there first. It's a way of marking turf.

Marking Territory

Gross smells like feces carry moisture. Rolling spreads that cool moisture on hot days.

Temp Temperature Regulation

Scratching on smelly things hits hard to reach spots and provides a pleasurable massage.

Scratching an Itch

Some dogs just think rolling in stinky stuff is fun! It's a recreational activity for them.

Pure Amusement

Dogs know their humans dislike stinky smells. Rolling gets them attention with "eww, stop that!" reactions.

Attention Getting  

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