Why Cats Paw At Your Face

Kittens learn by playing with their littermates' faces. Cats continue this playful behavior into adulthood.

It's Playtime  

Cats have scent glands in their paws. Pawing spreads their scent on you, marking you as theirs.

Exploring Scents

Pawing your face gets a reaction and interaction. It's a way to say "pet me!" or "feed me!"

Getting Attention

Gentle pawing mimics their mother's nurturing licks. It's a social bonding gesture.

Comforting Touch  

Face pawing activates instinctive kneading behavior, reminiscent of nursing kittens.

Kneading Instinct 

For cats, pawing things is linked to feelings of contentment. Your cat is saying "I love you!"

Showing Affection

Your face has lots of interesting textures and smells to explore. Cats use their paws to investigate.


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