When is a Dog Considered Senior?

Common signs that indicate your dog is entering the senior years. Keep an eye out for changes in behavior, mobility, and energy levels.

Signs of Aging

The importance of tailored nutrition for senior dogs. Discover the best diet choices to keep your aging pet healthy and happy.

Senior Dog Nutrition

Find out why regular vet check-ups are crucial for senior dogs. Routine visits can detect and address age-related health issues early.

Regular Vet Check-ups

Adapt your dog's exercise routine as they age. Discover low-impact activities that keep senior dogs active and fit.

Exercise for Seniors

The importance of dental care for senior dogs. Discover how proper oral hygiene can improve their overall health.

Dental Care Tips

Ways to enhance your senior dog's comfort at home. Explore bedding, temperature control, and joint support options.

Senior Dog Comfort

Find out how mental stimulation can benefit senior dogs. Engage their minds with puzzles and interactive toys.

Mental Stimulation

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