What Each Zodiac Sign Needs on a Bad Day

Adventurous Aries needs physical activity like sports or hiking to blow off steam when grumpy.


Grounding Taurus craves their favorite comfort foods like pasta or chocolate when in a bad mood. 


Sociable Gemini needs laughter on a bad day. Calling a witty friend or watching a comedy liberates them from negative feelings. 


Emotional Cancer needs pampering and self-care when down, like a bubble bath with scented candles.


Expressive Leo benefits from belting out their favorite songs loudly or dressing up when out of sorts. 


Analytical Virgo feels better by tidying and reorganizing when stressed. Making detailed to-do lists to gain a sense of control is calming too.


Out-of-balance Libra needs socializing with loved ones to restore equilibrium on bad days. Talking through problems brings reassuring clarity.


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