What Are Typical Dog Adoption Costs

Puppies under 1 year often cost $300-$600 to adopt. Their young age and cute appeal increase demand.

Puppies Are More 

Adoption fees for mixed breed adult dogs 1-7 years old tend to range from $75-$300 depending on the organization.

Adult Dogs Vary   

Senior dogs over 7 years old may have reduced adoption fees of $50-$200 due to decreased interest in older pets.

Seniors Often Less

Popular pure breeds like French Bulldogs or Poodles have fees of $400-$800+ due to high demand.

Purebreds Cost More

Government shelters tend to charge lower fees of $50-$150, while nonprofit rescues' costs are $150-$500.

Shelters vs. Rescues

Small breeds under 25 lbs have elevated fees of $250+ due to their popularity and accommodation cost.

Small Dogs Cost Extra   

Dogs with special medical needs may have higher adoption costs to offset expenses for their care.

Medical Needs Add On

Benefits of Adopting a Senior Dog