Unique bobtail cat breeds

Japanese Bobtails have short, bunny-like tails with fluffy pom-poms of fur. They are energetic and intelligent.

Japanese Bobtails

Hailing from Russia, the Kurilian Bobtail has a short, fluffy bobtail and a loving yet mischievous personality. 

Kurilian Bobtails

Born without tails, Manx cats have longer hind legs that give them a hopping gait. They are sweet, playful pets.


The Cymric is a long-haired variant of the Manx, lacking a tail but boasting a thick, silky coat.


American Bobtails have naturally stubby tails just a few inches long. They bond closely with their families.

American Bobtails

The Pixie Bob has a short, bobbed tail and wild cat-like features. They are intelligent and active.

Pixie Bob

Skookum cats have a naturally very short tail close to 2 inches long. They love people and other pets.


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