Tuxedo Cat Breed Profile

Named for their black and white "tuxedo-like" markings, these cats have black bodies and white paws, chests, and sometimes faces

Distinctive Markings

Though not a distinct breed, tuxedo cats are beloved for their striking appearance.

Breed Ambassadors

Tuxedo cats tend to be mild-mannered, playful, and people-oriented. They make devoted companions.


With proper care, tuxedo cats typically live 15-20 years. Watch weight and provide enrichment to prevent boredom.

Long Lifespan

 A weekly brushing removes loose hair and distributes skin oils. Baths are rarely needed.

Grooming Needs

Tuxedo cats descend from various breeds like American Shorthairs, British Shorthairs, and more.  

Mixed Origins

No two tuxedo cats have exactly the same patterning. But all share the iconic black & white bi-color theme.

Signature Look

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