Toyota Launching Mini Land Cruiser in 2024

The Land Cruiser Mini will have a smaller footprint than the standard Land Cruiser for better maneuverability.

Compact Size 

It will retain the Land Cruiser's rugged off-road capabilities with features like 4WD and raised ground clearance.

Off-Road Ready

Expect a tech-filled modern interior with the latest Toyota safety and convenience features.

Modern Interior

A turbocharged 4-cylinder gasoline engine will deliver quick acceleration and robust torque.

Powerful Engine

Toyota has confirmed the new Land Cruiser Mini will go on sale globally in 2024.

2024 Launch

Pricing will be more affordable than the full-size Land Cruiser, opening it to wider markets.

Reasonable Price

The Land Cruiser Mini will bring the iconic off-road nameplate to a new generation.

Legendary Name

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