Top Trending Dog Breeds This Year

America's most popular dog for years, the friendly and active Labrador Retriever continues to top the charts in 2023. 

Labrador Retriever 

The French Bulldog's bat-like ears and squished face have catapulted this breed to the #2 spot. 

French Bulldog

Intelligent, loving, and eager to please, the classic Golden Retriever remains one of the most sought-after breeds. 

Golden Retriever

With their courageous spirit and intelligence, German Shepherds are ideal service dogs and loyal companions.

German Shepherd 

From toy to standard size, Poodles are smart and energetic dogs perfect for active owners.


The wrinkly, smush-faced Bulldog has an appeal all its own. Their laidback vibe and patience with kids makes them wonderful family pets.


This merry hound's affectionate personality and love of the outdoors make Beagles a popular choice. 


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