Top Tips to Stop Puppy Bad Manners

Use positive reinforcement to encourage good behavior. Reward your puppy when they exhibit the desired manners.

Positive Reinforcement

Consistency is key in training. Set clear rules and stick to them. Your puppy will learn faster with a routine.

Consistent Training

Socialize your puppy early. Expose them to various situations, people, and other dogs to reduce bad behavior.


Puppies have lots of energy. Redirect it into activities like playtime and exercise to prevent destructive behavior.

Redirecting Energy

Consider enrolling your puppy in obedience classes. Professional training can address and correct bad manners.

Obedience Classes

Stay patient and calm when addressing bad behavior. Yelling or punishment may worsen the situation.

Patience and Calmness

Provide appropriate chew toys and distractions to prevent destructive chewing and boredom-related bad manners.

Chew Toys and Distractions

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