Top Tips for Training Small Dogs

Small dogs respond best to positive reinforcement like praise, treats, and play. Avoid punishment or aggression. 

Use Positive Reinforcement

Structure and consistency are key when housebreaking small dogs. Take them out regularly and praise for going in the right spot.

Establish a Routine  

Clickers provide clear and immediate feedback on desired behaviors. Pair with treats to motivate small dogs.

Use Clicker Training

Small dogs have shorter attention spans. Keep training sessions brief and engaging to hold their focus.

Practice Short Sessions

Don't let bad behaviors slide because they're cute. Maintain boundaries and rules to avoid spoiled behaviors.

Prevent Small Dog Syndrome

Use a harness instead of a collar, and consider smaller-sized training treats easy for small mouths.

Use Proper Equipment  

Well-socialized small dogs tend to be more trainable and confident. Introduce them to many people, dogs, and places.

Focus on Socialization 

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