Top Recipes Suited To Each Zodiac Sign

Fiery chili satisfies the bold, intense tastes of the passionate Aries.

Aries - Spicy Chili 

Lasagna is a rich, indulgent dish perfect for the pleasure-seeking Taurus.

Taurus - Lasagna

Nourishing chicken soup comforts the homey, nurturing Cancer.

Cancer - Chicken Soup

Elegant rack of lamb suits the theatrical, lavish Leo.

Leo - Rack of Lamb

Health-conscious Virgos will love light, wholesome veggie stir fry.

Virgo - Veggie Stir Fry

Sweet strawberry shortcake is a charming pick for graceful, refined Libra.

Libra - Strawberry Shortcake  

Decadent steak au poivre matches passionate Scorpio's intense tastes.

Scorpio - Steak au Poivre

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