Top Most Popular Cat Breeds In US  

With their striking blue eyes and distinctive coloring, Siamese cats are incredibly popular.


The Persian breed is beloved for their long, flowing coats and sweet, docile personalities. Requires extensive grooming.


This gentle giant breed has a rugged, semi-long coat. Known as "the gentle giant" for their large size and kind nature. 

Maine Coon

Ragdolls are known for being docile, friendly and enjoying being held. They go limp when picked up. Medium-long fur.


Active and vocal, the Abyssinian has a distinctive ticked coat. Loves to play and be involved in family activities. 


This hairless breed has soft, wrinkled skin that requires frequent cleaning. Outgoing and demands lots of attention!


Recognizable for folded ears. Sweet, calm demeanor. Medium-long dense fur requires weekly brushing. 

Scottish Fold

Bugatti Chiron Golden Era Has Unique Hand-Sketched Paint