Top Ice Creams Dogs Can Enjoy

Plain, unsweetened frozen yogurt makes a healthy, guilt-free frozen treat for dogs. Look for yogurt containing live active cultures.

Frozen Yogurt

Blend up your dog's favorite fruits like strawberries, blueberries, or bananas and freeze into nutritious popsicles for hot days.

Fruit Popsicles

Mix peanut butter with plain yogurt and freeze for customizable doggie ice cream bursting with flavor and protein.

Peanut Butter 

Combine canned pumpkin with Greek yogurt and freeze in an ice cube tray for a frozen fall snack dogs love.


Some pet stores carry commercial dog ice creams made with dog-safe ingredients. Check labels carefully before buying.

Dog Ice Cream Brands

Since ice cream is high in fat and sugar, keep servings small as an occasional treat in moderation.

Limit Portions

Onion, garlic, chocolate, raisins, nuts and sweeteners like xylitol should be avoided in homemade or store-bought dog ice cream.

Avoid Ingredients  

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