Top Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds for Allergy Sufferers

Hairless Sphynx cats lack the allergen-holding fur that causes allergic reactions. Their bare skin makes them hypoallergenic.


With less of the Fel-D1 protein in their saliva, the Russian Blue's plush grey-blue coat is more tolerable for allergy sufferers. 

Russian Blue  

Long-haired Balinese cats shed less dander and produce less Fel-D1 protein, causing fewer allergic reactions.


The Cornish Rex has a short, wavy coat that doesn't hold as much fur and dander. This makes them better for allergy sufferers.

Cornish Rex

Producing less Fel-D1 protein in their saliva, the Oriental Shorthair's short coat causes fewer allergic reactions.

Oriental Shorthair

The Devon Rex's soft, downy fur doesn't hold dander and sheds very little, reducing allergic reactions.

Devon Rex 

Though exotic-looking, Bengals produce less Fel-D1 protein than other breeds, so they cause fewer allergic reactions.


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