Top Dog Breeds For Family Life

America's most popular dog breed, Labrador Retrievers are playful, gentle, and eager to please. They make wonderful family companions.

Labrador Retriever  

Charming and upbeat Beagles thrive on playtime and cuddles with kids. Their moderate exercise needs work for busy families.


Smart, energetic Poodles love to play games and perform tricks. They're hypoallergenic which is great for families with allergies.  


Sweet, gentle Cavaliers enjoy snuggling in laps and bonding closely with all family members.

Cavalier King Charles

Though tough looking, Bulldogs have a calm demeanor and adapt well to apartment living and families with older kids.


Vizslas have an affectionate nature and energetic spirit perfect for active families who enjoy the outdoors together.


Known for their intelligence and herding skills, Collies thrive on having jobs and playtime with their adored human pack.


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