Top Dog Breeds For Families With Kids

Happy, affectionate small hounds. Gentle, rarely aggressive. Energetic, love playtime and snuggles.


Smart, eager to please. Travel-sized to large options. Minimal shedding with regular grooming.


America's favorite breed for good reason. Friendly, gentle, energetic. Excel as family dogs.

Labrador Retriever 

Sweet, patient, highly intelligent. Adore children. Eager to please families. Need regular exercise.

Golden Retriever

Small, affectionate charmers. Love kids. Minimal exercise needs suit apartment life.  


Delightful small companions. Patient and gentle. Minimal barking or aggression issues.

Cavalier K.C. Spaniel

Other good picks: Bulldog, Newfoundland, Collie, Border Collie, Boston Terrier, Bichon Frise, Vizsla.

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