Top Cooling Mats to Keep Your Cat Chill

Gel mats contain cooling gel that absorbs and dissipates heat. The gel stays cooler than room temp to keep cats chilled.

Gel Mats

These mats circulate water between layers. As it evaporates through the surface, it has a cooling effect for cats.

Water Mats

Electric cooling mats for cats use electricity to power internal fans and cooling elements to cold air flows.

Electric Mats 

Pressure activated mats start cooling when a cat lays on them. Weight presses on the inner cooling materials.

Pressure Activated

Elevated cat beds allow air to flow underneath so hot air rises away from your cat. Add a cooling mat on top.

Elevated Beds

For outdoor use, look for cooling mats with weatherproof, UV-resistant outer layers to withstand sun and rain. 

Outdoor Mats

Cave style cat beds contain the cool air better than flat beds. Match with a cooling mat for maximum chill.

Cave Beds

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