Top Cat Litter

Clumping clay cat litter forms solid clumps for easy scooping. It traps odors and makes cleaning the litter box simpler.

Clumping Litter

Natural corn, wheat or pine based cat litters are biodegradable and dust-free options for cats with allergies or sensitive paws.

Natural Litter 

Crystal cat litter absorbs odors better than clay and leaves no dusty residue behind. It lasts longer than clay clumping options.

Crystal Litter

Lightweight cat litters made from plant fibers, pine or recycled paper are easier to carry and cause less joint strain when pouring. 

Lightweight Litter 

Flushable cat litters made from plant fibers can be discarded directly into the toilet for quick, mess-free disposal.

Flushable Litter

Odor controlling cat litters like those with activated charcoal neutralize ammonia smells and keep the box smelling fresh.

Odor Control Litter

For less airborne dust, dust-free cat litters made from wood, paper or crystals trap particles better than clay litters. 

Dust-Free Litter

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