Top Brushes for Dog Grooming

Slicker brushes excel at removing tangles and loose hair from all coat types with fine wire bristles.

Slicker Brush

Long-toothed rakes penetrate thick undercoats to remove loose fur on heavy shedders like Huskies and Shiba Inus.

Undercoat Rake  

For short, smooth coats, bristle brushes distribute oils and remove debris without scratching skin.

Bristle Brush

Wide-tooth combs with long tines work through matted, tangled hair gently to smooth and detangle fur.

Dematting Comb

Rubber grooming gloves allow you to brush as you pet, great for short coated breeds. Silicone tips gently grab loose hair.

Grooming Glove

This unique rubber brush attracts hair like a magnet, massaging skin as it removes dander and dirt on short coats.

Zoom Groom 

Blunt stainless steel shedding blades help remove loose undercoat hair with a gentle scraping motion.

Shedding Blade

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