Top Best Shorthair Cat Breeds

Calm, friendly British Shorthairs have dense, plush coats that come in a variety of colors.

British Shorthair

Bengals are wild-looking cats with striking spotted or marbled coats and energetic, playful personalities.


Elegant Russian Blues have short, silvery blue coats and tend to bond strongly with their owners.

Russian Blue

Vocal and affectionate Siamese have short, sleek coats and love being involved in family activities.


Abyssinians have ticked coats in ruddy browns and love to climb and play. They're active and intelligent.


Sleek, black Bombay cats love snuggling with their families. They tend to be easygoing but attach strongly to people.


adaptable American Shorthairs have low-maintenance, thick coats and laidback, friendly personalities.

American Shorthair

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