Top Best Miniature Dog Breeds For Small Homes

Weighing under 6 pounds, sassy Chihuahuas thrive in small city apartments with their humans.


Fluffy Pomeranians only weigh 3-7 pounds but have huge personalities perfect for urban living.


Feisty and devoted Yorkies under 7 pounds adapt well to apartment life with daily walks.

Yorkshire Terrier

Affectionate Shih Tzus weighing 9-16 pounds are happy lounging at home with their families.

Shih Tzu

Dachshunds under 11 pounds are sweet mini companions whose exercise needs are easily met.


Gentle Maltese under 7 pounds thrive in small spaces as long as they get plenty of love.


Adorable pugs 14-18 pounds require minimal exercise and enjoy being affectionate lap dogs.


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