Top 8 Guard Dog Breeds

Smart and confident, German Shepherds will bravely defend their territory and handlers. Their intimidating size is a deterrent.

German Shepherd

Rottweilers make excellent watchdogs with their instinct to protect home and family. Criminals will think twice.


With their imposing stature, Dobermans are prized as guard dogs. They're fearless in confronting threats.

Doberman Pinscher

The sizable Bullmastiff was originally bred to pin and hold poachers. They'll impose their strength to protect loved ones.


Commanding Giant Schnauzers have the personality and power to excel as guard dogs and police dogs.

Giant Schnauzer

Boxers make loyal watchdogs, always on alert for anything amiss. They're fearless when defending their family.


Originally from Japan, courageous Akitas have protective instincts that make them ideal as guard dogs.


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