Top 8 Dog Breeds With the Strongest Bite Force

The Kangal has the most powerful bite force of any dog, measuring 743 PSI. They are used as guard dogs in Turkey.


English Mastiffs have an extremely powerful bite of 556 PSI. They're massive dogs that can weigh over 200 pounds. 

English Mastiff

Cane Corsos were bred as Italian guard dogs and have a 700 PSI bite force. They have strong muscular jaws.

Cane Corso

American Bandogges can exert bite forces over 900 PSI. They are tenacious guardians and defenders.

American Bandogge

Known for powerful bites of 328 PSI, Rottweilers have been used as military and police dogs.


German Shepherds have one of the strongest bites among domestic dog breeds at 238 PSI.

German Shepherd

With compact jaws, Dobermans can exert an impressive bite force of 600 PSI.

Doberman Pinscher

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