Top 7 Winter Pet Safety Tips

Provide indoor shelter for your pets when it's cold. Ensure they have a cozy and warm space to retreat to, away from drafts.

Indoor Shelter

Consider getting winter apparel for your pets, like sweaters or coats. Smaller and short-haired breeds may need extra insulation.

Winter Apparel

Limit outdoor time in extreme cold. Keep walks short and provide frequent breaks indoors to avoid frostbite or hypothermia.

Limit Outdoor Time

Protect your pet's paws from ice and snow. Use pet-safe booties or wipe their paws after walks to prevent irritation from salt or chemicals.

Paw Protection

Be cautious with antifreeze, which is toxic to pets. Clean up spills immediately, and store it out of reach to prevent ingestion.

Antifreeze Awareness

Warm up your car before driving with your pet. Cats may hide in wheel wells for warmth, so check before starting the engine.

Car Safety

Ensure your pet stays hydrated and well-fed. Cold weather can increase their energy needs, so adjust their diet accordingly.

Hydration and Nutrition

Protecting Pets in Hot Cars