Top 7 Tips for Vestibular Disease in Dogs

Vestibular disease in dogs affects their balance and coordination. It can be frightening but is often treatable. Let's delve into the causes and symptoms.

Vestibular Disease

Watch out for signs like head tilting, stumbling, and nausea. Early detection is crucial for effective treatment.

Symptoms to Watch For

There are two types: peripheral and central vestibular disease. Learn the key differences and how they impact your furry friend.

Vestibular Disease

Your vet will perform tests like neurological exams and bloodwork to identify the underlying cause of vestibular disease.

Diagnosing the Issue

Discover various treatment options, from medication to physical therapy, to help your dog regain balance and reduce discomfort.

Treatment Options

Support your pet's recovery with home care tips, including providing a safe environment and assisting with mobility.

Home Care Tips

Read heartwarming stories of dogs who have overcome vestibular disease. Find hope and inspiration in their journeys.

Success Stories

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