Top 7 Tips for Trimming Your New Kitten's Nails

Gather a pair of cat nail clippers, a towel, and some treats to reward your kitten for good behavior.

Start with the Right Tools

Pick a time when your kitten is relaxed, perhaps after a meal or playtime, to begin the nail trimming process.

Perfect Timing

Gently wrap your kitten in a towel, leaving only one paw exposed for trimming. This helps them feel secure.

Get Your Kitten Comfortable

The translucent area of the nail, called the quick, and avoid cutting it to prevent bleeding and pain.

Examine the Nails

Trim a small portion of the nail at a time to reduce the risk of cutting the quick. Be patient and gentle.

Trim Gradually

Offer treats and praise during and after the trimming session to create a positive association with nail care.

Positive Reinforcement

Make nail trimming a routine part of your kitten's grooming to keep their claws in good condition.

Regular Maintenance

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