Top 7 Tips for Managing Pet Storm Anxiety

Identify signs of storm anxiety in your pet, such as trembling, hiding, excessive panting, or seeking comfort from you.

Recognizing the Signs

A safe space where your pet can retreat during storms. Make it cozy with their favorite toys and blankets.

Safe Haven

Use white noise or calming music to mask the sound of thunder. This can help reduce anxiety and provide a soothing environment.

Noise Masking

Consider using pressure wraps or vests designed to calm anxious pets. These can provide a sense of security during storms.

Pressure Wraps

If your pet's storm anxiety is severe, consult your vet. They can recommend behavior modification techniques or medication.

Consult a Vet

During storms, remain calm and offer reassurance to your pet. Your soothing presence can make a big difference.

Stay Calm

Consider working with a professional animal behaviorist or trainer for tailored guidance on managing your pet's storm anxiety.

Consult a Professional

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