Top 7 Steps to Never Lose a Pet

Attach an ID tag with your contact info to your pet's collar. This helps anyone who finds your lost pet return them to you.

Pet ID Tags

Consider microchipping your pet. It's a permanent form of identification that can be scanned by veterinarians and shelters.


Ensure your yard has secure fencing to prevent your pet from wandering off. Regularly check for any gaps or weak spots.

Secure Fencing

Invest in a pet monitoring system that tracks your pet's location and sends alerts if they leave a designated area.

Pet Monitoring Systems

Keep up-to-date photos of your pet on hand. These are crucial for creating 'Lost Pet' posters and online alerts.

Updated Pet Photos

Teach your pet basic commands and recall to prevent them from running off during walks or outdoor play.

Pet Safety Training

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Lost Pet Action Plan

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