Top 7 Pet Fire Safety Tips

Examine your home for potential fire hazards. Look for open flames, faulty wiring, and flammable materials. Create a safe environment.

Assess Your Home

Develop escape routes for your pets. Identify exit points and practice evacuation drills with them. Ensure their familiarity with escape paths.

Plan Escape Routes

Place "Pets Inside" stickers on windows and doors. This alerts firefighters to the presence of pets in your home, aiding in their rescue.

Secure Pet-Friendly Stickers

Apply pet alert decals near entryways. Include the type and number of pets inside. This information is crucial during emergencies.

Pet Alert Decals

Assemble a pet emergency kit with food, water, medication, leashes, and carriers. Keep it readily accessible in case of evacuation.

Prepare an Emergency Kit

Regularly practice fire drills with your pets. Train them to respond to alarms and follow your evacuation plan swiftly.

Practice Pet Safety Drills

Inform firefighters about your pets' locations and habits. Provide critical information to aid in their rescue efforts.

Alert Firefighters

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