Top 7 Fall Dangers for Dogs 

Autumn leaves can hide dangers like sharp objects or toxic substances. Keep your dog away from piles, and inspect your yard for hazards.

Canine Curiosity

Fall brings wild mushrooms, some of which are toxic to dogs. Regularly check your yard and walking paths for any mushroom growth.

Not for Dogs

Certain fall plants, like poinsettias and chrysanthemums, can be harmful to dogs. Be cautious about indoor and outdoor plant exposure.

Hidden Toxic Plants

As the weather cools, ensure your dog has a warm and cozy place to sleep. Consider a pet bed or blankets to keep them comfortable.

Cooler Temperatures

With shorter daylight hours, adjust your dog's walking schedule accordingly. Use reflective gear to keep both of you visible during evening walks.

Daylight Savings

Halloween candies can be toxic to dogs. Keep treats out of their reach, and be cautious during trick-or-treating outings.

Halloween Candy

Decorations like tinsel and ornaments can pose hazards. Ensure these items are out of your dog's reach to prevent accidents.

Holiday Decorations

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