Top 7 Disaster Preparedness Tips for Pets

Determine your pet's specific requirements in case of an emergency. Consider their age, breed, size, and any medical conditions.

Assess Your Pet's Needs

Assemble a pet emergency kit with essentials like food, water, medications, and comfort items. Don't forget a leash and a carrier.

Emergency Kit

Ensure your pet has proper identification, including a microchip and ID tags with your contact information.

Microchip and ID Tags

Map out evacuation routes and pet-friendly shelters in your area. Practice evacuating with your pet to reduce stress.

Plan for Evacuation

Anticipate different disaster scenarios, such as floods, fires, or earthquakes. Adjust your plan accordingly.

Prepare for All Scenarios

Let your neighbors know about your pets and your emergency plan. They can assist if you're not at home during a crisis.

Inform Your Neighbors

Stay updated on local disaster alerts and weather forecasts. Be ready to act quickly to keep your pets safe.

Stay Informed

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