Top 7 Cat Breeds That Love to Sit on Laps

Known as "puppy-like" cats, Ragdolls go limp when held. They crave human interaction and make ideal lap cats.


Persians are laid-back and sweet-natured. They enjoy being petted and will happily lounge on laps for hours.


Despite their bold nature, Siamese cats bond intensely with their owners and love snuggling up on laps.


Their large size doesn't stop Maine Coons from being affectionate, patient lap cats.

Maine Coon

Scottish Folds form close bonds with their families and enjoy lounging on and around laps.

Scottish Fold

With no fur to keep them warm, Sphynx cats will cuddle up under blankets on their human's lap.


Burmese cats practically demand lap time from their doting owners. They thrive on human companionship.


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