Top 7 Abnormal Cat Poop Signs

The texture of your cat's poop can provide insights into their digestive health. Pay attention to any changes in consistency.

Consistency Matters

Different poop colors can indicate various issues. Be aware of alterations in the hue of your cat's feces.

Color Clues

The size and shape of your cat's poop can reveal aspects of their diet and overall health. Monitor for abnormalities.

Size and Shape

Changes in how often your cat poops or the intensity of the odor can be indicators of digestive problems.

Frequency and Odor

The presence of blood or mucus in your cat's feces is a red flag. Consult your vet if you notice these signs.

Blood or Mucus

If your cat appears to be in pain or strains excessively when pooping, it may signify gastrointestinal issues.

Straining or Discomfort

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