Tips for Walking Your Cat on a Leash

Use a well-fitted cat walking jacket or harness for control and to avoid escapes.

Proper Cat Harness  

Kittens and younger cats adapt best to walking on a leash for short trips outside.

Start Leash Training Young

Reward good leash behavior with treats and praise to reinforce training.

Use Treats and Praise  

Take it slow and be patient when leash training. Not all cats will take to walking outside.

Be Patient

Only walk cats in enclosed safe areas away from cars, traffic, dogs, and threats.

Safety First  

Make sure your cat has ID tags and a microchip in case they escape on a walk.

Proper Identification   

Let your cat set the walking pace and choose which sights and smells to explore.

Go at Cat's Pace

Picking the Perfect Treats for Your Cat