Tips for Safely Rehoming Your Dog

Ask lots of questions to vet potential adopters. Visit their home. Ensure your dog will be properly cared for.

Interview Adopters Thoroughly

Charging a fee screens out people with bad intentions. Use the money to offset rehoming costs.

Charge an Adoption Fee

A contract states the dog must be returned to you if the new home doesn't work out. It also covers vet care terms.

Use an Adoption Contract 

Free ads attract people looking for bait dogs or to resell. Thoroughly screen anyone who responds.

Don't Advertise Free 

Mandate in the contract that the new owner has the dog spayed/neutered within a certain timeframe to avoid breeding.

Require Spay/Neuter

Supply a copy of your dog's medical history to the new owner so they can continue care.

Provide Vet Records 

Arrange meet-and-greets on neutral ground first. Give your dog time to warm up to the new owner.

Introduce New Owner Slowly

Essential Tips for New Dog Owners