Tips for Figuring Out Your Cat's Age

Your cat's teeth can provide clues. Kittens have sharp needle teeth. Senior cats show wear, tartar, and missing teeth.

Assess Teeth  

Shiny, sleek coats signal youth and health. Dull, thinning coats indicate senior age.

Check the Coat

Kittens and young cats are energetic. Middle-aged and senior cats are more sedentary.

Gauge Activity Level

Kittens and young cats have firm muscle tone. Older cats have looser muscle tone and thinner frames.

Evaluate Muscle Tone

Kittens are under 1 year. Prime adulthood is 1-10 years. Senior stage starts around 11 years.

Note Life Stage

Your vet can help estimate age based on dental exams, condition, and medical records if available.

Review Veterinary Records

Some breeds like Siamese live longer so may seem younger than their calendar age suggests.

Consider Breed Lifespan 

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