Tips For Bathing Your Dog At Home  

Have ready dog shampoo, towels, brush, cotton balls, washcloth before bathing. Prepare the area.

Gather Supplies

Thoroughly brush your dog's coat before the bath to remove knots, dirt, and loose hair.

Brush Coat

Place cotton balls in ears and ointment on eyes to keep water out and prevent infection.

Protect Ears & Eyes 

Wet coat, lather shampoo, massage deeply into coat and skin, avoiding eyes. Let sit briefly.

Lather With Shampoo

Use a detachable showerhead on low pressure to completely rinse off all shampoo residue from coat.

Rinse Thoroughly 

Pat dry with towels, then use a blow dryer on low heat to fully dry the coat and avoid chill.

Dry Coat 

Once fully dried, brush thoroughly with a slicker brush to distribute oils and remove loose hairs.

Brush When Dry

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