The Playful yet Sophisticated Siamese Cat

The Siamese cat originated in Thailand, where they were treasured pets of royalty. Their striking appearance was prized.


Siamese cats have a slender but muscular body, wedge-shaped head, large ears, and striking blue almond-shaped eyes.


Siamese cats are highly intelligent, vocal, active, and social. They crave human interaction and are very bonded with their families.


Siamese cats are known for their loud, distinctive meow and yowl vocalizations. They are quite "talkative" 


Siamese cats are extremely playful, agile, and energetic. They love toys that allow them to run, chase

High Energy

Siamese cats exhibit dog-like traits, including playing fetch, walking on leashes, and follows their owners around. 


With proper care, Siamese cats typically live 12-15 years. Make sure to provide them yearly vet visits, vaccines


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