The Most Roatund Cat Breeds

Round bodies, broad chests and short legs give them an endearingly chubby look. Calm, adaptable companions.

British Shorthair

Large, laid-back cats with a tendency towards flabbiness if overfed. Sweet, gentle personalities.


Can be prone to obesity due to their substantial size. Need plenty of exercise and portion control.

Maine Coon

Compact, heavily boned bodies covered in thick fur. Need diet and exercise to stay trim.


Fluffy longhaired beauties related to Persians. Smart and affectionate but inclined to plumpness.


Born without tails, Manx have rounded hindquarters. Should be monitored for weight gain.


Cobby, low-slung bodies covered in plush fur. Charming companions who love treats.

Exotic Shorthair

The Fluffiest Cat Breeds