The Fluffiest Cat Breeds

Regal longhaired beauties known for their abundantly thick and fluffy coats. Sweet, gentle temperament. 


Huge, fluffy coated cats with lynx-like ear tufts. Gentle giants with charming personalities.

Maine Coon

Large, athletic cats with fluffy coats adapted for cold weather. Social and playful.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Docile, laid-back cats with silky semi-long fur. Tend to go limp when picked up.


Robust, triple-coated cats with lush, thick fur. Excellent for allergy sufferers.


Elegant cats with long, silky fur. Smart, playful and love being with their families.

Turkish Angora

Large, semi-longhaired cats with plush cashmere-like coats. Love swimming and adventuring.

Turkish Van 

A Look at Large Cat Breeds